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About Us

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We at Cress Brothers are always concerned about our customer’s safety and well being. When you’ve been in the Plumbing & Heating Service Industry for 60 years, you learn new and cost effective ways to meet the needs of Residential and Commercial customers. We are always looking for new products to save you energy usage and ways to protect you, your home, and your business from useless energy use and water damage. We strive to provide information about the latest technology for a new and efficient way to heat your water.

We will be happy to help you with any plumbing and hydronic heating need.
Call us today at 704-782-2014 or email us at cressbros@carolina.rr.com.

We provide professional plumbing services in Concord, Harrisburg, Charlotte, Lake Norman, South Rowan County, Kannapolis, Mooresville, University City, Salisbury and surrounding areas.